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The Mahindra family is committed to providing you with excellent service that will keep your vehicle on the road.

The Mahindra customer service division offers you a wide range of genuine parts and services to give you peace of mind whilst travelling anywhere in the country. Our service plan, warranty, accessories, genuine parts and quality service at our dedicated dealerships, will ensure a smooth ride year-after-year.


Enjoy maximum performance, safety and protection with Mahindra’s genuine parts. All genuine parts are tested to ensure that they supply you with the best quality for your car to keep it running the way you want it to.



Mahindra service centres provide quality workmanship to ensure your vehicle is reliable and roadworthy.

In order to keep your car running smoothly, be sure to take it in for regular service as well as do check up’s on the car’s water level, oil level, tyre pressure etc…


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